Our Approach

We combine a thorough understanding of client needs and aspirations with an investment approach that is grounded in decades of experience.

Our client is at the beginning, end and center of everything we do and we therefore work hard to forge a strong relationship based on candor, trust and understanding, as well as performance.

We act as investment counselors and managers. We work with our clients to set investment goals and objectives based on realistic assumptions and time frames, and invest assets in accordance with those objectives and our investment outlook.

We focus on our strengths and use outside specialists for legal, tax, and other specialized needs that arise.

We think for ourselves and are skeptical of prepackaged solutions or assumptions about the investment markets. The world economies and financial markets are not static and effective investment strategies need to anticipate their cycles to control risk and benefit from opportunity.

Besides using outside managers, index and no-load mutual funds, ETFs and other investment vehicles, we also manage focused equity investment portfolios and are able to manage legacy and concentrated stock positions for clients.

Finally, we are a fee-only advisor and we ensure that our interests are completely aligned with our clients.