Original Counterpoint Cartoons

Alternative commentary on the world of business, investing and beyond.

By Karl Mills

Caveman Trump at Podium Mount Trumpmore
The Wall Pollsters Moses and Trump
Beware the Dark Side The Cruel Season Monsters and Men
Central Bankers Gone Wild Oil Spill… Intruder-Gate…
Follow Me… Reaching for Yield… Where To?
Breaking News Party Pooper The Oasis
Looney Tunes Danger! Fiscal Cliff Norquist Guarding Tax Hikes
That's All Folks? The Chairman and the Chair Wedding Bell Blues
Investing with the Gods… You Are Here… Soft Patch…
Kicking the Urn Down the Road What, Me Worry? The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
The First Amendment Pessimist, Optimist, Economist Musical Chairs Madness
Politics In-action… Targeting Blame Licensed to Kill…
It's All Good The Secret to Roth IRA Conversion… Exit Strategies on the Road to Recovery
The Road Ahead What Happens in Vegas … Wealth MisManagement …
The Forest and the Shoots Stress Test… Grieving Your Portfolio
Vital Signs Self Help Books We’d Like to See Corporate Accountability Around the World
Conviction Fixed Income Blonde Jokes Dept.
At the Beach Priced Into the Market Across the Valley
Seasons Greetings From Your Local Bank At the Club New Product Ideas for Tough Times
Don’t Drop the Ball Non-Profit Bail, Baby Bail
Another Kitchen Sink Quarter SOUP! Tax Simplification…
The Friendly Skies Downgrade! Fill ’er Up?
Cash for Trash… The Real Estate Cycle More Books on Tape
A Night to Remember… Uncle $am Rocky Road?
Recession 2008 Rogue Trader The Buck Stops Here…
Holiday Greetings F.W.M.D. Prime - Sub-prime
Foreclosure Sale Foreign Currency Appreciated Market Top
Pirate Equity NJ Housing Bubble Coming Soon…
Blackwater Money Talks A Night at the Opera