Investment Management

Unlike many traditional financial advisors, we are investors by background who bring decades of experience in investment management, securities analysis, and portfolio strategy.

We think for ourselves and maintain an active point-of-view about the world and capital markets. This viewpoint guides our investment strategy and asset allocation, as well as the selection of specific investments in your portfolio.

The investment markets are not static, but are rather prone to cycles as well as occasional bubbles and busts. We therefore pay close attention to trends, underlying fundamentals, valuation levels, and other factors and adjust our strategy and client portfolios to tilt towards areas of potential opportunity, and away from areas of undue risk. We believe that this process will allow us to improve returns while mitigating risk over time.

Our investment process has five components:

  • Investment Strategy & Outlook
  • Asset Allocation
  • Investment Selection
  • Implementation
  • Ongoing review

Investment Strategy and Outlook

We maintain an active viewpoint on the world and the financial markets, incorporating near and long-term outlooks for economic growth, valuation, major trends, inflation, and potential risks. This outlook drives our asset allocation as well as our investment selection.

Asset Allocation

Based on our strategy and outlook, we determine a target asset allocation policy, encompassing all major global asset classes, which then drives our investment selection as well as the target asset allocation for individual client portfolios.

Investment Selection

We next select investment vehicles that we believe offer the most effective way to gain exposure to a particular asset class, market segment, or objective.

Our experience as investment managers gives us additional insight and advantage in evaluating investment options, especially funds managed by outside managers.

We do our own due diligence as well as using outside sources.

Portfolio Construction

We combine our strategy, outlook, asset allocation and selected investments with the client’s investment policy and objectives to construct a portfolio that should, over time, meet and exceed the client’s stated objectives for return relative to risk.

Ongoing Review

Once the client’s portfolio is invested, we continuously monitor it and its underlying investments relative to our investment strategy and assumptions, performance, and client objectives.

We communicate regularly with clients to ensure that all relevant changes to their lives and objectives are reflected in how their investments are managed.