A Plus
Counterpoint Commentary
October 4, 2018

“A Plus”

According to a recent Tweet, the economy and stock market are the best they have ever been, in the history of America, and deserve an A Plus.  What else do you need to know?
Money Talk
Counterpoint Commentary
July 10, 2018

A Bumpy Ride

The bumpy ride in financial markets that marked the first quarter, continued into the second. A combination of mixed economic data, rising interest rates and a steady flow of political drama contributed to investor unease and ongoing volatility.
Counterpoint Commentary
April 4, 2018

Stormy Weather

As long as the global economic backdrop remains strong, we think the current corrective phase in the markets will run its course and markets will eventually head higher before marking the peak for the current economic cycle.
Stock Chart on Monitor
Special Update
February 6, 2018

Investment Update

In light of the steep decline in the markets over the past few days, followed by today’s dramatic rebound, we recognize that the wild market swings and volatility can be unnerving.
Tax Reform and Infrastructure
Counterpoint Commentary
January 4, 2018

Two Worlds

2017 was a year marked by the strange juxtaposition between an improving global economy and buoyant financial markets, and a distressing geopolitical landscape.